-Visit the Volcano
-Swim in the hot sulphur springs
-Explore the island of Thirassia
-Swim in deserted coves
-Leisure Cruise along the caldera
-Wine and traditional dine at Thirassia island
Caldera Sunset Cruise
-Caldera & Oia Sunset: Volcano-Hot Springs-Thirassia-Oia
-Caldera Sunset Cruise: Evening cruise around the Caldera for  sunset   
  with dinner on board and cold glass of champagne in your hand.
Santorini Figurative Volcano Explosion  Event Cruise 2009
This amazing event takes place every year in Fira in mid-August
and lasts one night.  Include a night Cruise on the caldera with a
figurative volcano explosion with fireworks.Enjoy this amazing
event with cold glass of champagne onboard.
Book this Special Summer 2009 Event Cruise in advance !  There is limited availability !
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Santorini Cruise Map
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Santorini Yacht Services
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Cruises Direct from Santorini to
Aegean Islands
Crewed Luxury Motor Yachts for charter in Santorini & Greece
Fast journeys to neighbouring islands
Speedboat of the highest calibre, for example can
reach Mykonos or Crete in 2 hours.
Santorini Daily Cruises
Caldera Morning Cruise: Volcano-Hot Springs-Thirassia
Caldera & Oia Sunset Cruise: Volcano-Hot Springs-Thirassia-Oia
Caldera Sunset Cruise: Evening cruise around the Caldera for sunset and dinner on board.
Luxury cruises for private parties, weddings or individuals.(routes on request).
Caldera Morning Cruise